No matter whether it is old or a new home, Ideal Brokers home insurance has got you covered.

Buying or renting your first home? Or, had the kids move out and have the house on our own? No worries, Ideal Brokers offer more choice for home insurance. With our range of options you will be able to choose the right cover for your needs.

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New for Old

If your saggy old sofa is damaged in a fire or flood, we’ll replace it with a new one. In other words, with our new-for-old replacement there’s no depreciation on your contents.

A roof over your head

Worried about where you’ll sleep at night if your home is damaged? Ideal Brokers look after you, providing temporary accommodation and arranging emergency repairs.



Landlords Residential Property Insurance gives you wide protection and peace of mind for your investment property. Whether your property is damaged by tenants, destroyed by fire, or if you’re owed rent or are liable for medical bills, we can look after you.

Emergency repairs, No Hassle

Your investment property may be miles away. No worries. Ideal Brokers can organize emergency repairs for your property if you can’t get there yourself.

Protection for all property types

Whether you’ve bought a house, townhouse, unit, flat, terrace house or even a unit in a retirement village, we can cover you.

# Accidental breakage

Accidental breakage of fixed glass, basins, sinks, baths and toilets included in loss or damage by a tenant or their visitors.

# Water or liquid damage

We will cover your buildings or contents for loss or damage caused by water or liquid.

# Vandalism or malicious acts

Deliberate or intentional acts, vandalism or a malicious act by your tenants or their visitors.

# Removal of debris and demolishing costs

Paid in addition to the sum insured (Up to 10% of sum insured).

# Rent default and theft by tenant (optional extra)

Cover for the weekly rental amount your tenants should have paid, up to $5,000. We will also cover you if your tenants or their visitors steal part of your building or any contents you have insured.

# Rebuilding fees (Building only)

If your buildings suffer loss or damage we will cover the costs for architects, surveyors, and legal fees (up to 10 per cent of your buildings sum insured).

# Loss of Rent cover (optional extra)

If your building is uninhabitable, up to 12 months, up to the sum insured chosen.

# Burning out of an electric motor

For motors up to 15 years old and no bigger than 3.7kW (5hp).

# Liability cover (optional extra)

Choice of liability cover; $5 million, $10 million, $15 million or $20 million.


Building Insurance

Our ideal Broker Building Insurance covers both the dwelling you live in, plus any other buildings on your property – like sheds and garages. You’ve got three options for your Building Insurance. With each, you’re guaranteed to love Ideal Brokers attentive, quick service whenever you have questions or need to make a claim.


Basic has you covered for floods, fires, break-ins and more. You’ll be surprised at just how much you get covered!.

Listed Events

Get exceptional value for money with Quality cover, and know that you’re covered for a very wide range of natural disasters, weather events, damage from break-ins and more.

Accidental damage

Enjoy ultimate peace of mind with ideal broker’s highest level of cover for your home. As well as cover for events like flood, fire and damage from break-ins, Premium will cover you for almost any type of accidental damage.


Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance, you’re covered for a wide range of items – from furniture to jewellery to TVs and laptops. It even covers your carpet and curtains.

Valuable items

Jewellery, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras & photography equipment, portable music players etc .

Contents at home in the open air

Accidental damage or accidental loss

Burning out of electrical motors

For motors up to 15 years old

New-for-old replacement cover (Contents)

Credit card and transaction card misuse

Small boats and watercraft

Up to $5,000

Frozen food

Following breakdown of freezer

Vet expenses if your pet is injured in a road accident

Liability cover

Up to $20 million

Bicycle cover

Up to $20,000

Flood Cover (Automatic)



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